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Now THAT'S Beautiful! - Visitor's Message

by Kassie Wright

Photo by Ellen Van Laar

Photo by Ellen Van Laar

What? Are you nuts? Do you need better glasses? What on earth is SO beautiful in THAT picture?

Go ahead. Take another look. Stare for a minute, if you must. See beyond the misty air. The roaring waves. The unsettled wind. Pretend for a sec, that you are a storm chaser. Feel the energy.

Race in search of that invigorating energy you get from a major storm. It's exciting. It's adventurous. It's arousing, to say the least. Exhilarating! Now catch your breath.

Realize you are captured in the moment. It's real. It's happening right in front of you. Once in a lifetime. And you are experiencing it right now. It doesn't get better than that!

Think about it. Life is what you make it. You get to chose whether you feel happy or sad. Whether you react or respond. Whether you see an ugly, dim picture. Or the beauty beyond the stormy day.

That's right. Roll the screens. It's your mind movie. Choose to see the world through your heart. I know you can do it. You've done it so many times before.

It is never a dull or blistery day. Every day is full of excitement and adventure. So get up and tackle the world with your smile. Light up the Universe. As you spread your positive energy, the whole world responds. It awakens.

You no longer see the dreary, stormy day. What you see is what you get. Indeed, you decide to see a much more empowering view. And yes,...

"Now THAT'S Beautiful!"

Always Expect Miracles,
Kassie Wright
Inspirational Writer
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