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Brandon Micheal Stewart's No Doubt - Visitor's Love Poem

by Brandon Micheal Stewart
(Sturtevant, WI, USA)

You are the only girl in my heart
People can try to tear us apart
But you know I'll never depart
because there's only room for you in my heart
even though this is just the start
I never want to depart
You'll always be in my heart
In my heart you will always be considered state of the art

You are the only girl I've ever had feelings about
People may shout but I have never had no doubt
I was once lost but know I am found out about
You are the only girl I don't want to be without
Any other girl will never amount
I use to hide out but now I sing about and shout
You are the only girl I'll ever think about from here out and about

You are the nicest girl I've ever seen walk about
You never shout or bring people down and out
I looked about and saw you walking about
Then my heart started to shout
That's when I knew that you should be my girl with no doubt
and that no other girl will ever amount

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