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On Silent Wings

by Patti Richards
(St Julians, Malta)

On silent wings
It ebbed and flew
To take the love
You thought you knew
Arch and swiftly poised
To asunder
No caveat or counsel
Nor reflection left to wonder

Swooping in on ethereal
And darkened impression
And replaced instead
A bleak cold depression
You felt the chill left
By its ominous wake
It took your soul
Your heart to break

You never saw
It coming on silent wings
Swooping malignly
Yet you couldn‚€™t follow
Voracious and iniquitous
Wreaking desolation and sorrow

Heartfelt beseeching pleas
Go unanswered, bereft
Your destiny tainted sullied
No honour and trust left
Bearing a bankrupt lonely heart
Perfidy exultant and deft

Belief your love was pure
Devoid forever a warm embrace
Treachery‚€™s indelible stain
Took all that you believed
Or that could have been
Your innocent pure heart
Mercilessly wantonly deceived

© 2009 Patti Richards

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