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by Richard John Scarr
(East Sussex, England )

If you fear me, it is because you do not understand me. For if you understood me, you would accept me as you accept life itself.

If you suffer pain or trauma as I draw near, it is not of my doing. I would never harm you. That is not my function. My function is to see you safely from this life to the next.

When I come, it is often as a friend, intent on bringing you blessed relief as I see you safely through the veil. But always gentle, and never before your time.

If I separate you from your loved ones, it is only to reunite you with others in the hereafter. It is never my intention to keep you apart. And I will eventually bring you all together again in the love and light of eternal life.

If you cannot welcome me, please do not fear me. Just look upon me as a necessary, but harmless way home.


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