You Asked I Said No! (About Drugs) - Visitor's Poem

by Shisir Pokahrel
(Kathmandu, Nepal)



You are tired of the pain
Trying to make everything right
Holding the rules tight
Escaping the fight.
But every time you do you fail
Come with me I will give you pleasure make your life easier.
Use me; let me emerge in you, and you in me.
I will show you heaven in the earth.
I will make you free, free of pain, free of sorrow
You can use me again and again until you are satisfied.
But problem is that you will never be satisfied of me.
I will be all yours and you will be all mine
Just use me once
Because I'm your friend, use me and your heart will mend!
Just take me and your rules will bend.

Thatā€™s your kindness which you ask
But no thanks, because I have various task
You will destroy my life!
And make me a monster
You will turn me into evil
You want me to sit.
But all I want to do is give you a hit.
You make other always lost
Now you want my trust.
Yes, you can give me pleasure, making my life miserable
I donā€™t want your help to complete the journey that I take
I know I am not alone
There are other people all along
I will not be the unwanted child who goes wild.
I will not be addicted
Who lives their life in all mistakes
You just donā€™t show.
And I will just let go.
Iā€™ve never asked for help,
Iā€™m begging you myself
Please leave my life and my world
I donā€™t want to be addicted
I donā€™t want to be addicted

Shisir Pokahrel
ā€œSay No To Drugsā€

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