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An Isolated Person - Visitor's Story

by Kavya lakhani

"There is only one success: to be able to spend your life in your own way."

Today every nation has attained complete emancipation and freedom. But sometimes as we lay in our beds, silence of the night brings with itself, misery and regret about the deeds left undone and dreams not accomplished. After fighting incessantly with fate and turning the whole world upside down for relishing the freshness of one glorious moment, that moment beats us to the ground and scarcely shows its small glimpse, and we begin to repose expecting the fate to work some miracle and always say, "You cannot defeat the fate". We depend on fate as well as those around us.

Certain things are the ones which we are reluctant to accept. But 99% of our lives depend on others whether we accept it or not.

Yet it agitates me to think that how can the society take control of your life and prevent you from achieving you dreams when courage and determination to disinter them comes from within. We scarcely realize it but our internal world is far stronger than the external world.

When Maya was in school, she was different from any other teenager, an introvert, shy person as she was, she failed to make friends with the ease that others did. Due to forbidding circumstances she had to change her school, she thought she would be lonely in this school, but on the very first day, Kavita confronted her. Kavita was beautiful, confident and also extremely intelligent. She introduced Maya to her circle and to Maya's surprise, she fitted in well!

One day, while Maya and Kavita were sitting alone. Maya asked Kavita, "When nobody wanted to talk to me, why did you want to be my friend?" Kavita went pale and said, "I didn't want you to suffer in the manner I did." Maya was bewildered, "Then how did you overcome it?" she inquired.

"I too like you was a reserved, introvert person, however I loved to study, but I was too weak to share my views with others. I could not make friends. My loneliness made me lose my faith in God, that was the major setback of my life. My house of dreams was collapsing in front of my eyes and I couldn't do anything to stop it from collapsing."

She stopped, smiled and continued, "But beyond every shadow, there is sunlight, I met with an accident, as I lay wounded on the street gasping for every breath, I realized I still wanted to live. I prayed to God after a long time that he must give me this one ray of hope and I will enlighten my whole world with it. The pain in my head was excruciating, my mother gave two bottles of blood to save me. When I opened my eyes I had turned over a new leaf. I had faith in God and had decided to gain everything that I had lost again. And the best of it was I was no longer afraid of adversities, I had just fought death and my life was more precious to me then anything, as long as I possessed that, I knew I didn't need anything more. I was no longer afraid of defeats but victory sent my pulse racing." Here she concluded.

River ignores the stones when she flows, a rock is unbreakable,like the man's will. Let the whole world turn their back on you, just keep one thing in mind. AN ISOLATED PERSON IS NOT THE ONE WHO HAS LOST FRIENDS OR RELATIONS, HE IS THE ONE WHO HAS LOST HIMSELF.


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