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Angel's Wings - Visitor's Poem

by Sabre Pruitt
(Pekin, Illinois, USA)

No one knows how much you mean to me,
if I tried to explain it, they really wouldn't see.
You are more than just my family, more than just my friend.
Now that you are sick, I think of all the things we should have done
and all the times I wish we had time enough to spend.
A part of me is truly lost, as I am counting up the cost,
of taking for granted that you would always be there.
Oh how I despise Cancer, it is just so unfair.
I am haunted by our childhood memories, and how you
worked so hard at protecting my sisters and me.
If I were an angel I would swoop down from heaven above
and do the protecting, by sheltering you with God's love.
I would take your pain from you and guide you under my wings
And give you new hope of a promise of life everlasting and the joy that it brings.

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