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Welcome to The Club - Visitor's Aids Poem

by Sibusisiwe Bridget Nkomo
(South Africa)

At the corner I stood
Can I walk you home he said?
NO, not this girl
The one I'm waiting for is coming
Away he goes

Again he comes,
Can I drive you home? You cannot wait in the rain
"My God" my heart starts pounding
Is he the same with this flashy car?
Handsome he looked, beautiful she was
"Of course" I replied
A stranger he was to me
My name I gave him
My address I gave him
My body he took and possessed
I did not think about abstinence
Faithfulness I forgot
Neither did I use protection

Welcome to the club

A beautiful car we drove
An accident we meet
The blood is spilled and I'm called in for help
Blood I touched
Scratched I got
Glove I did not use
And again

Welcome to the club

The booze we drank
By the corner he stood
Drunk we got
Oh what a party
He comes with a new device
My mind I cannot reach
He touches me and gives me a needle
High I got
And we shared the needle

Welcome to the club he said

I'm rushed to the maternity ward
Labour I am in
I'm soon to deliver a child
And the child comes out with the parent name
"Welcome to the club"

The grandchild is born
The parents are dead
Granny is left to fend for the child

Welcome to the club
The orphans club
The dead and buried club
The sick and dying club
The sick and ignorant club
The healthy and stupid club
Welcome to the club

By : Sibusisiwe Nkomo

Comments for
Welcome to The Club - Visitor's Aids Poem

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Aug 20, 2011
Welcome to the club
by: Sibusisiwe

I am so humbled, seeing this poem here. The actions and the decisions we make, do not only affect you, but they go down, to the family and innocent kids.

Jun 29, 2010
by: Fion

Hi Sibusisiwe, thanks so much for sharing this poem that'll set people thinking about their actions and consequences. Cause and effect. Thank you.

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