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Everyday - Visitor's Poem

by Marjorie Akeya
(Savoonga, AK, USA)

Savoonga Sunset

Savoonga Sunset

Everyday it's somebody's birthday
Everyday somebody dies
Everyday there's a war going on 24/7 non-stop
Everyday there's a family falling apart
Everyday there's a girl/lady being raped by a man/boy
Everyday all people around the world is doing drugs/alcohol
Everyday someone commits suicide
Everyday somebody finds a dead body lying on the ground/floor/underneath something etc
Everyday everybody regrets something they shouldn't of done including me
Everyday somebody gives birth
Everyday gang members kill/murder friends/family/kids etc
Everyday everybody all over the world leaves evidences everywhere and there including me
Everyday everyone all around the world including me aren't really telling the truth of something important that someone needs
Everyday somebody's in a accident
Everyday somebody's in the ER
Everyday somebody's kid in the world is set put into foster care
Everyday somebody is put in jail/juvie
Everyday somebody steals from family, friends, public places etc
Everyday somebody/family is missing and can't be found
Everyday everyone, something good/bad happens to everyone all over the world for a good/bad/cost/reason etc
Everyday everyone including me learns from our mistake and tries to go to the next step of our life.
Everyday most/even/half/more/often people are being haunted by demons/devil/spirits etc

Life is all about making mistakes and learning from it. Having a life is a purpose for God. Everyone including me isn't perfect at anything at all. No wonder why life gets harder and harder for each and everyone of us can't stand how or what kind of life we have or how it's supposed to be like or what were supposed to do in order to do the right things in a better way than doing it wrong all the time. But LIFE is all about living for what's best for us to have less drama/whatever etc.

Comments for
Everyday - Visitor's Poem

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May 31, 2010
A wonderful piece of work
by: Mary Sweeney

I love this poem. It makes the reader really think about what is going on around us every day. It also makes the lucky ones appreciate their lives and want to help others. Thank you.

May 31, 2010
by: Anonymous

A truly awesome poem. it means a lot from everyday life.

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