Lucid Clouds - Visitor's Poem

by Carl Stoynoff

Lucid dreams inside my immortality,

Vanity trying to rule my character,

Do I 'think' written lines, or are they mine,

Vanilla Sky's under a Monet aren't clear,

Is it real, or do I live in a City of Angels,

If I jump will I wake up in another life,

Will I meet you again when we are cats,

Have nine lives past me over to ten,

Was that kiss clouded under those Sky's,

Did I find you while I was laying in the street,

Was it love, or was I hiding behind my mask,

Did drugs kill the pain in my heart,

Unconscious sub-conscience fooled me,

Trance pounding me to the dance floor,

Clawing like a Lion going for the kill,

Embracing every pore in your body,

Melding into one ferocious beast of prey,

Did we conquer the world this time,

Must I chase a thousand more years,

How long can I sleep frozen in cryonics,

Where is the warmth of skin and Sun,

Open your eyes, is all they yell at me

Why look outside when you are here,

Under my Vanilla Sky, I have it all,

Flying like an Osprey to nest on an island

Holding in lucid dreams where I can taste you

We will meet again, when we come back as cats...


Carl Stoynoff

* I can spot a Monet painting from here on Earth or from Heaven above...

* Who writes the lines for each scene in my life? Surely, I am not in control of my senses while I sleep under a Vanilla Sky. Surely, we will live forever jumping from cloud to cloud, star to star...

* I have lived more lives in one, than any 9 cats alive...

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