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Remembering A Departed Friend - Visitor's Poem

by Eva Adolfo

Those of us who are living, found our friend to be gone forever‚€¶
Those of us who are in lamentation, have wept for she will never return‚€¶
Those of us who are enraged, felt that we are being cheated by the cruelty of her untimely death‚€¶

But those of us who believed that our friend has found eternal rest; we have felt joy in our silence‚€¶
And those of us whose faith has gone beyond the seas, we all know that our friend never left‚€¶

And if our dearest friend will have to speak before us, she will have to say these:

‚€œAs you gaze at the blue skies or wait for a falling star; as you stare at the tall trees, watch the colorful flowers, or swish with the playful waves in the sun, you will remember me.‚€

‚€œOf all those times we laughed, we played, we cried, we worried, we struggled, we fought and of all the times we continued to fiercely love those who are dear to us, you will find me. And yes, if you will not cease thinking of me, and if you will always give me a special place in your hearts, therefore I am never gone!‚€

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