Life as a Puzzle Piece - Visitor's Poem

by Pranitha Devi Wickins
(PMB, Kwazulu Natal, SA)

I was created a perfect square
as white as the driven snow
then life happened, and my reactions
attracted all colours of the rainbow.

My birth white became a canvas
and the colours just seem to spread,
according to my thoughts and actions
from baby blue to fiery red.

My shape was also changing,
how self-conscious I became
bumps and dips began to emerge,
I would never again look the same.

One night I asked my creator
"What is happening to me,
I've lost my colour and my shape
What could the reason be?"

"My child," he called to me, smiling
"Feel guided by my hand,
You're being shaped into the perfect puzzle piece
to fit my perfect plan."

"The colours are an indication
Of the purity of your soul
Dark colours equal warning bells
White should be your goal."

"Your shape is created by your reactions
To life's lessons, good and bad
The dips are times of accepted cautions
The bumps reward good deeds, be glad."

"If you listen to my spirit, child
And take the ordained shape,
world peace will fit one more tile
And leave the evil doer agape."


Copyright © 2010 Pranitha Devi Wickins, (A.k.a. Nisha Wickins). All rights reserved