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Overcoming Challenges in Life - Visitor's Poem

by Maryanne TP Fong
(Ontario, Canada)

Many great people from their humble beginnings experienced plenty of hardships.

They were sadly born into a cruel, hostile environment,
living miserably in tears and in fear.

Got no shelter, no money nor helping hands,
got no daily meals to feed their hunger pangs.
Their feet were unshod, and they were clothed in rags.

Struggled and struggled through very tough times,
moving from place to place when disasters struck.
Their days were often filled with bad experiences
and terribly bad luck.

Headaches and problems were no end in sight,
an uncertain future that did not look bright.

Sighs, hopelessness and great despair abound...
Where and where could solutions
be found?

With much determination, resilience and courage,
challenges were overcome
reversing losses to gain.

The tide eventually turned, and the life chances changed.
Windfall profits were copious, like incessant showers and rain.
Blessings and Fortune came to favour them
again and again.

Fallen and failed many times in life's difficult journey,
the tough challenges were like "blessings in disguise".

Without the training and hardships, it won't be easy to accept the unpleasant reality,
to further toughen up,
and survive adversity!

Ultimately, the "seemingly start-off" losers became winners,
achieving goals, finding immense joy
and great success.

And some winners even strive to become the best of best to inspire others, and stood out from the rest!

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