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While Out and About One Day - Visitor's Poem

by Vickie L Smith
(Henderson, West Virginia, USA)

While I was out and about today.
I took a walk down memory lane.
Just to think about the good old days.
Then I came upon the place.
It was thee old farm house.
Where my sisters and I were raised.
Oh how we would laugh and talk.
Yea that was the good old days.
Now they may have faded away.
But memories remain.
I can remember the farm house.
Like it was yesterday.
Oh how Mother would cook.
How Father had to work.
On that old farm everyday.
Mother would cook the meals.
While Father hunter the fields.
So we had groundhog.
About everyday.
In that old farm house.
We all would pray.
Yea back then being with my family.
That was the good old days.
Mother used to take us hill climbing,
creek wading.
We use to pick apples and berries in the hot summer sun.
But you know deep down in my heart.
It was always fun.
Yea my friends that was the good old days.
I remember everyone.
Father would play ball with us.
Out in that big old front yard.
Catching lighting bugs and falling stars from the blue sky afar.
We use to all sat on thee old porch swing.
Just listening to stories and having fun.
Yea my friends that was thee good old days .
Back then on the farm.
Now thee good old days are going.
We would go to Church on Sunday.
We would listen to the word of God.
Then we would go home and have Sunday dinner.
Yea Mother cook it all.
After a Sunday My Mother was always quietly tired.
She did not mind.
But I could tell by the look in her beautiful green eyes she was tired.
She never complained.
'Cause Mother loved us all.
My Father work hard on that old farm.
Five days a week.
In the rain snow sleet or hail.
Father did it tho.
To make our lives more complete.
He had even work in the hot summer heat.
Father loved us all.
I know this in my heart.
Our Parents loved us everyone.
Yea my friend that was thee good old days.
But time goes by way too fast.
Soon everyone must go.
My Sisters all got married.
And had families of their own.
That left my Mother, my Father, my Daughter.
A few nieces, nephews and I.
To live in that little old farm house a little longer you see.
Father still work, Mother still cooked.
But not much now in years before.
My Mother got to rest on Sundays now.
Father didn't work much anymore.
We would still play in that big old front yard.
Catching lighting bugs.
Beautiful stars from blue skies afar.
We would still sat on thee old front porch swing.
Listening to old stories and sometimes we would all get together and sing.
My Father had to retired.
My Mother did agree.
We finally packed up our few belongings.
We then moved to a new place you see.
Now thee old farm house was empty.
Then later torn down.
You see tho I still have all those wonderful memories floating around.
It did break my heart when we had to move.
Honestly I lived there half of my life.
Like the weather tho people's life also changes.
In life nothing ever stays the same.
But the memories they always remain.
I lost my wonderful Father ten years ago.
He tells stories now in Heaven's blue skies.
As he sings while catching lighting bugs and beautiful stars from afar.
In God's home is where he now remains.
I miss my Father dearly.
Sometimes I will break down and cry.
I know he is healed now in God's blue skies.
With the lighting bugs and beautiful stars from afar.
My Father will forever remain in my heart.
My Mother was ill not long ago.
She said she is doing okay now.
Or at least I hope so.
She's the most beautiful Mother.
With a heart full of love.
That any Child would ever want.
Or to get to know.
My Mother is my heart's desire.
She gave me and my Sisters life.
My one Sister has passed away.
I had four back in the good old days.
Now I've only got three.
I will love all my Sisters forever you see.
My Daughter she is so fine.She's also my heart's desire.
She's my light and she's my way.
She's my sunshine, my Heaven's maze.
She's my laughter, she's my tear.
She's my happiness, she's my fears.
She's my sparkle, she's my dew.
She's my red rose forever true.
She's my heartbeat.
The blood whichs runs through my veins.
My Daughter FredeRicka she's my everything.
Now my story it must come to an end.
Yea I took a walk down memory lane today.
Back to thee old farm house where me and my Sisters were raised.
Mother always took care of us.
Father would always work.
I guess a person's life is just like a book.
There were creeks and hills.
Thee old porch swing.
Where we would all tell stories and sometimes sing.
While Mother and Father were doing their best.
We all know raising a family is a test.
With the lighting bugs and beautiful stars from afar.
God always and forever in our hearts.
Sunlight teardrops happiness and pain.
Also with sacrifice sorrow but love always remains.
Yea my friends this is my memories.
From the good old days.
Back when everything seemed okay.
But years fly by time passes too way too fast nowadays.
But I must and I need to say.
God gave me the greatest loving family any girl or boy could have.
As I write this my tears I could not hide.
All the memories will remain in my heart.
Till it's my time to say good-bye.
With stories and songs.
On the front porch swing.
To catch lighting bugs and beautiful stars from afar.
From my heart to you and yours for now good-bye.

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