Daybreak - Visitor's Love Poem

by Normita Pangan
(Manila, Philippines)

It was a night sprinkled with stars when he came to me
And it was this same night when I first felt felicity
Yes, a weird feeling of bliss, contagiously eerie
But all that disappeared when he smiled at me

My pulse just goes ballistic everytime we touch
It‚€™s unthinkable, unexplainable, a feeling unmatched
And yet when I lay back, and lean on his chest
All‚€™s harmonious heartbeat, everything‚€™s at rest

Oh! I must have gone mad when he came to my life
‚€˜Cause I can‚€™t help but imagine myself as his wife
And despite the cruel shortness of the night
I managed to savor all that‚€™s left of his might

Tomorrow the sun will quickly kiss him farewell
And I‚€™ll be left alone thinking, no one to tell
Waiting, wanting, wishing a canopy for light
To repeat such a rendezvous with my elusive knight!

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