A Letter to Those Wanting Inspiration

by R. Whalenr
(Boston, USA)

Dear Person in Need of Inspiration,

What’s the point of life? I will be completely honest, I have no idea. All I do know is that life is short, too short. We spend our lives working as hard as we can trying to succeed only to inevitably die. Seems pointless, doesn’t it? We can be fit, smart, and moral, but we will die just like the cheaters, thieves, and dropouts. Unfair right? No, because these things do matter.

I have recently realized that life isn’t pointless and us fit, smart, moral people do have something more. Life is about taking risks, pushing yourself to your limits, and just having plain fun. I know this may sound cheesy, but it’s true. You should go out and control your life. Do something dangerous, damn it risk your life, go skydiving. You want to feel like you control life and death. Try these things even if they feel scary, push your limits it will make you feel great when you do succeed. Then I think most importantly you just have to laugh, go to Improv, stand-up comedy, or just joke with friends.

It’s not all about these big risks or challenges, think about the little things. Change your haircut, follow the road to where it takes you, or just try a new food. Enjoy the small moments, gray rainy Sundays on the couch, sunrises watched from a beach, or long drives with no destination.

It’s important through life to enjoy it with someone, whether it’s a friend, sibling, or lover. Life just isn’t as fulfilling when no one is there, humans are a social species, and are meant to interact. Without interaction we aren’t human.

I can’t dictate how you live, but I hope you do follow these suggestions because I know it improved my quality of life by far. So enjoy each breath, and follow these guidelines and your life will be good to you, you won’t live forever, but you will be fulfilled.


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