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Sister Bond - Visitor's Poem

by Vickie L Smith
(Henderson, West Virginia, USA)

There were five girls.
Who once were young.
Who called themselves the Sister Bond.
We would stand beside each other if one of us should fall.
For our hearts intertwined like gold.
Filled with love forever true.
A sister's love is strong yet brave.
If sorrow would come.
We would help each other in some way.
Our hearts intertwined like gold and we were not afraid.
So to all sisters out there.
A time will come when the sister bond will break.
This will leave a bruise upon your heart.
This will make you blue.
Some day their lives on earth will be through.
A sister will stay in your heart forever true though.
So always keep a sister's heart true.
Don't ever break your sister's heart.
A sister's love is warm and soft like a soft teddy bear.
Keep sunshine peeping in their hearts.
Always clear all gray skies.
We called ourselves the Sister Bond.
With our love for one another and our care.
From your youngest sister's small teddy bear.
A sister's love will always be there for us.
Through lives ups and downs.
A sister's heart is filled with love.
A sister's love is rare like the blood which runs through a sister's veins.
So always believe in your sister.
Listen to them with your own heart.
A sister's love will forever be there.
So please do not walk away like you do not care.

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