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Don't Judge Me

by Phillip J Clark
(Montgomery, AL, USA)

As I put my thoughts together and look to the skies,
Holding back the tears in my eyes,
Soaking up the pain as I swallow my pride,
Releasing the thoughts that I hide inside.
As I look back over my remembering tape,
Looking at the scene when I got rape,
In my memory where my pain is kept,
It wasn't no one there when I needed help,
I left my pain inside and I made my bed up.
I prayed to God and kept my head up,
He took away the burn when I was feeling the flame,
Put a smile on my face when I was feeling the pain.
I wrote this poem and changed it into reality,
So people could read how God changed me,
He took away my rain and pain and gave me a new chance.
Now I step side to side and praise Him with a new dance,
Now I'm feeling better inside because my pain has been set free,
So while I'm doing my new dance "don't judge me".

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