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The Inmate - Visitor's Funny Poem

by Richard John Scarr
(Brighton, East Sussex, England)

While visiting a mental asylum
I wandered alone through the grounds.
And I stopped to admire the Flora.
And the well-kept grass verge surrounds.

And to a man who was busily working.
Digging a flower bed.
"The grounds look really lovely.
You must be very proud," I said.

He looked pensive for a moment.
And then he said: "Not bad.
Especially for a man like me,
who has been certified as mad."

Then seeing my reaction.
He said: "I beg you have no fear.
To take control of all my wealth,
my wicked family place me here."

"With help of a crooked doctor,
they had me certified.
And thanks to all their wanton greed,
twenty years I've spent inside."

I said: "I find your story shocking.
And I swear, I will not rest.
And to bring about your freedom,
I will surely do my best."

Tears rolled down the other's cheeks.
And he dropped his head and sobbed.
He said: "I can't believe that someone cares,
about the fact that I've been robbed."

"But I'm not looking to get even.
And the money they can keep.
All I want now is my freedom.
And the peace of mind I seek."

And as I turned to walk away,
his spade hit me in the neck.
He said: "Bow to your King before you leave.
And promise you won't forget!!!"


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