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Sometimes - Visitor's Sad Love Poem

by pef
(Shanghai, Philippines)

I don€™t know why every time I think of you
I just can€™t help myself falling into you
But sometimes I wonder if you really care
I only feel better every time you are near

I tried my best to understand our situation
I also sometimes needed your little attention
And it hurts me when every time I needed you
I can not get a quick response from you

Sometimes I can€™t help asking myself what I am to you
If you really love me can you please let me know?
Then if your answer is not at least be honest
Just be true to yourself and have courage to admit

These past days I feel so empty and helpless
I did expect you to comfort me in my sadness
But it caused us more stress and end up into mess
I don€™t know anymore it seems you are so hard to please

I really hated myself for letting you know how I feel
But I really don€™t care as I€™m true and for real deal
I never expected that it will took time for me to heal
Sadness and tears are just a part of letting you go my dear

February 9, 2011

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