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by Jeanne Fiedler
(Washington Twp, NJ)

I'm a clinging vine
to what?
To love, to dreams, to hope
settles in my spirit
I'm reaching for
the positive experience
of life...
Does it elude me?

This concept
called h-o-p-e
carries me over
the desert,
walks on water,
revives me,
rejuvenates me,
I'm lost without

When trouble
finds its way
on my path,
I whisper to
the little bird,
and wish upon a star
like a child,
my inner child
healing me...

She lights my
way... my road
to what I envision
for myself...
I travel towards
the life I want
guided by my angels
who keep me
moving on the soft,
gentle earth quietly
and lovingly...

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