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Peaceful Paradise - Visitors Poem

by Leanne
(Sheffield UK)

Can the World ever come to peace and let all the wars,
violence and greed really cease as the millions starving we should and want to feed as this is a simple basic need and they are desperate for water to drink, stop, look, listen and think what we can do to help our fellow man in anyway way we can.

It would truly be something worthwhile you can see,
it would bring peace to the whole world, you and me.
Life is full of stresses and strains but true lasting peace can remain if racism, hate and wars we refrain.

Think of all the things we could gain and especially
what it would mean for the millions suffering, fleeing their homes out of terror and fear they roam.

Why is there so much unrest in the world, can we honestly say that it has been for the best
as the way things appear, self-destruction and the end seems near, but that is not something you
want to hear.

People of all ages, races and backgrounds don't want
to walk the streets and live in fear of their
lives that they hold dear.
Surely if we pull together we can turn it around into a
peaceful paradise, does that not appeal as life today
seems wasted and unreal,

What does all this reveal of humankind that we have lost the natural love of each other and gone blind to what we are doing to the planet earth we are damaging and destroying all what we have.
This is a wake-up call to one and all, we need to preserve this life as we deserve.

Please this is urgent appeal as the world is in turmoil
we see the sad scene and bad effects we cannot keep hidden or conceal the realities of world events this is tragic something we wish we could prevent.

Think and look to the one above and find out the meaning of life and love as we could all live in peace on a paradise if we just did what was right and there was no evil in sight.

Take to heart as we need to make a start before it is too late to contemplate of human life, please now listen don't think twice just take and heed this sound advice and this you will realize that the earth can be a peaceful paradise.

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