The Colours Of Grief - Visitor's Poem

by Christine Bevington
(Thetford, Norfolk, UK)

How hard it is to fathom,
The sadness in the soul,
How that pain and heartache,
Leave us feeling less than whole,
If grief it were a colour,
It would like it to be known,
That there are so many facets,
Each emotion is a colour on its own.
Black would hold the terror,
Gold the love so true,
Red the fiery anger,
Missing you is blue.
Yellow when a memory,
Flies in to make you smile,
Green is for the calmness,
We feel once in a while,
Violet soothes the torment,
Orange the occasional laugh,
We allow ourselves so rarely,
Grief is not an easy path.
Then pink it draws you to me,
Your colour it is so,
Many colours to remind me,
The pain of letting go.
Then purple is the colour,
Of healing Iā€™ve been told before,
So purple wrap around me,
My heart is truly sore.
So many colours Iā€™ve discovered,
Make up the griever's soul,
So many emotions to encounter,
In an attempt to make us whole.

Christine Bevington 2011

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