As We Bloom and Bleed - Visitor's Poem

by Justin S. Murphy
(Michigan, USA)

The term

The term "aijou" is being used as "love" in this picture that I made

As we bleed and and fall apart, we are to reflect upon ourselves. Looking at our parts, we organize them on the shelves. Whether alphabetical or by number, it all has its order. And if they fall apart, do they lose their natural border?

As we grow and slowly become wise, we bloom our personality through our eyes. It blooms just like a flower, whether it's petals or lies. It can bleed with terrors of today and the past. But learn from them we must, to make our future last.

When we bloom or bleed, we still can succeed. You just need to look inside you, to find your lead. Not knowing who you are is a regret that can hurt. It will be as noticeable as reading your shirt.

It's this blood and beauty that affects us so. No matter what, don't ever let it go. It will hit you hard or hit you right. It can hit you in the dark, or hit you in the light.

Life can be fun, or life can be a vex. Deep in the earth or at the apex. To bleed and bloom is a balance to be expected. Without it, its truths cannot become protected.

If we need something or not, it'll always be there. In the drinkable waters, or breathable air.