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Sarah - Visitor's Deep Love Poem

by Richard John Scarr
(Brighton. East Sussex. England)

"Sarah, oh my Sarah!
I don't know what to do.
I promised you I wouldn't cry.
But oh! I'm missing you!"

"I struggled through your funeral.
Now I'm sitting here alone.
Amidst the empty silence,
that used to be our home."

"I feel so lost, my darling.
I can't accept that you are gone.
I still hear your gentle laughter,
and your perfume lingers on."

"Of all the things you taught me.
How to smile and shed a tear.
You forgot one vital lesson.
How to live now you're not here!"

"You have left me such a heartache.
The pain won't go away.
How can I face tomorrow,
when I can't get through today?"

"I feel so strange, my darling.
I must close my eyes and sleep.
The room is filled with a silvery light,
and I no longer want to weep."

"Someone else is drawing near.
Their hand is in my hand.
Darling, darling Sarah!
I know that wedding band!"

"Sarah, is that really you
standing by my side?
You look as young and beautiful,
as the day you were my bride."

"Yes, it is me, my darling.
I could not leave you here alone.
You are just too lost without me.
So I've come to take you home."

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