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Why Are We So The Same? - Visitor's Poem

by Eva Adolfo - Talking Pen (March 23, 2011)
(Baton Rouge, LA, USA)

So charming… so candid

With longings wild and vain

Spirit flies up to the heavens

Why are we so the same?

Glaring at the night skies

Partly illuminated by a crescent moon

Sending wishes upon the stars

Why are we so the same?

Music rocks our soul

Its instruments tickle our past

And melodies prophesying our future

Why are we so the same?

Both strong-willed and determined

As horizons are far beyond reach

Holding on to a life purpose-driven

Why are we so the same?

Frozen tears on the onset of spring

Beckoning silence within chaos

Frontiers glowing and expanding

Why are we so the same?

The world keeps on turning

The sun keeps on shining

The heart keeps on beating

Wild butterflies freely wandering

We pause with so much humility

Patiently waiting for the truth signs

And with a deep sigh it dawns on us

Why are we NOT the same?

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