Please Stay - Visitor's Poem

by Aryn Nantau
(Lakeshore, Ontario, Canada)

You€™ve changed my heart, you€™ve cleared my vision,
Talking to you was a good decision.
I€™m sorry for your pain, your grief and sorrow,
I hope you won€™t lose faith in tomorrow.
You were raped, abused, attacked and alone,
But have developed strength that to me you have shown.
Your warmth inspires my mind and soul,
Your pain will heal and your heart will be full.
I have been selfish and your heart has helped me to see,
Just how terrible life can really be.
Your story has truly changed my life,
And I feel with every emotion for your unbearable strife.
You asked me for a reason, that you should remain on earth,
A reason that would clarify your very worth.
What I have to say comes straight from my heart,
You have helped me change, you€™re a very important part.
You brought light to my eyes, you brought compassion to my soul,
And you are the very reason that my heart has become whole.
You have become a friend, you have become a light of hope,
So I guess what I am asking is if you can try to cope.
I care that you hurt, I care that you are in pain,
I care that you want to die
And I do not think in any way that you are insane.
I care for your life, I care for you,
So what I am asking is for you to think this all through.
Stay alive, stay here on earth with me,
Because one day you are going to be the person
I know you are meant to be.

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