The Touch of Another - Visitor's Poem

by Terry Ray Busch
(Lewiston, Idaho, USA)

The touch of another can mean many different things,
the touch of a handshake and its meaning
to be polite, respectful, and diplomatic.
The touch of a simple note, email, or correspondence,
with the hope of a reciprocated simple response,
a personal feeling, or a provoking or encouraging thought.
The needed touch of a mother or father
showing love for a child,
a touch felt throughout life,
a bond that is never broken or diminished.
The touch of a friend, meant to develop a bond,
the need for people in our lives
whether they be casual or developed over time.
The touch of a compliment or a kind word from another person,
the need to be noticed, respected, or acknowledged.
The need to know that we can care about each other,
even if only with the simplest of intentions.
The touch of a person passing by in a crowd,
a simple gesture, telling us that it is okay
for us to have our space and to give it up.
Then there's the touch of a developing relationship,
how it starts off with a simple touch, a mild embrace, or a hug.
A touch of time spent together whether it be minutes or hours,
knowing that we never know what another person
might mean in our lives unless we are willing to
invest the time in getting to know them.
And the deeper touch of love between two people,
the need to expose our naked feelings and
desires, our dreams, fears, and aspirations.
The touch that exposes every part of ourselves,
be it our mind, spirit or our body.
The deep touch needing to give and to receive,
to listen with our inner soul,
to give all that we are and to do it openly and freely.
And the touch of our bodies as we come together,
the desire to satisfy our longing,
our basic needs, our love and our lust.
And the deepest touch of all that we can feel.
Being satisfied that in another we can feel secure,
open to the fullest extent of our being and
accepted for who we are and what we can give.