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I Pretend - Visitor's Love Poem

by Carl Stoynoff

From far in the distance you are forever close in my heart,
The miles between us seem to keep us too far apart,
And I keep believing we will arrive at the same destination,
Riding on whirlwinds of imaginary carpets of silk and satin,
Holding onto what little we have in arms that don't embrace,
Held together with warm loving kisses that never take place,
But still I pretend you are mine inside my arms, still I want,
I want to believe everything will work out just fine,
And as each lonely night passes without you by my side,
I silently cry on my pillow wondering where you are tonight,
Wondering who is kissing your lips and holding you tight,
But still I pretend as I always do that you will be mine,
I pretend so that the pain in my heart will come to an end,
And still I have to pretend so that I can be your friend...

Carl Stoynoff

* I pretend that I don't, I pretend that I do. But I never pretended when I said, I Love You...


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