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Up On The Mountain - Visitor's Poem

by Vickie L Smith
(Henderson, West Virginia, USA)

There was a sun set.
Which shone far into a blue sky.
Upon this mountain top I sat and cried.
Lord this mountain is so high.
I can almost reach the sun set.
Far into a blue sky.
Right now my tears were falling though.
Falling down like a cold, cold rain.
So I sat upon this mountain top and cried.
Why my heart doth pain inside.
I could see the valley, far down below me.
Then I watched the rain turned into soft snowflakes.
Falling oh so very slow.
Oh Lord I am very tired.
I must sit and rest.
As I sat here I wondered though.
Did I do my best?
Did I always try to do what was right?
Am I going to be on that flight?
I sat and cried so much.
Was I ever good enough in all my living days?
Snow was now falling more rapidly.
Sun set was now beginning to drift away.
I must get down from this mountain top.
I needed to get back to my home, which was two miles away.
This mountain is so steep Lord.
I must be careful.
So I moved very slow.
Oh Lord my body is aching now.
I must get back home.
Now I am very dizzy.
I am a little afraid.
So now I ask the Lord.
To lead me back down the mountain.
So I may get back to my home.
Which is two miles away.
Now friends the Lord was with me.
He was the one who carried me.
Back to my home two miles away on a very snowy day.
I am awake now. Back at home.
I am a little confused though wondering what was going on.
The Doctor said I was going to be okay.
I am still a little tired though and a little dazed.
So now I ask my family how I got back home.
This is what they had to say.
We know there was someone with you.
But we did not see thee other person at all.
I then told my family.
I say you see it was The Lord.
I know this in my heart.
I am up now feeling much better.
As the sun set begins to rise.
I go now and look out my window.
I look toward the mountain.
Now the mountain was snow covered.
Still yet it was so beautiful so high.
I now saw the sun set began to fade.
Into the clear blue sky.
As it was shining over the mountain top.
So beautiful so high.
As the last sun ray glistened on the snow.
There's a gleam that caught my eyes.
I saw a man he waved at me.
It was The Lord I said thank-you.
Then The Lord disappeared from my view.

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