God's Love - Visitor's Poem

by Kyonne Gibson
(Slidell, LA, USA)

God's Love pushes us into his arms,
picks us up when we fall,
even when we feel small his love is always
there to help us stand tall,
God's Love is like an umbrella of roses
dripping from the sky,
as his love catches every tear we cry,
a day full of sunshine,
a whole week without crime,
a love one is home safely,
and your prayers are answered faithfully,
you know that's God's Love,
amazing, patient, always true,
his love surrounds everything you do,
shatters every dart from the enemy,
who tries to hinder what God has put in thee,
the wave ripples in the water,
the substance that pushes you farther,
the energy in your eyes,
the awakening of a birthday surprise,
the inventor behind every invention,
the force that helps you pay attention,
that's God's Love, a great grain of grass,
the completion of a hard task,
the God of another chance,
not just a second chance,
his love is forgiving, ongoing, and pure,
so always try to endure every trial and test
and God's Love will be there to last for a while.

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