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Just You & Me - Visitor's Lost Love Poem

by Kasey Noll
(Rosemount, MN, USA)

It has ended,
And we are back to friends,
Now as we sit,
Back where it all started.

A kiss is had,
Breath and balance,
Are lost.
It feels so right,
Just like the first time.

My heart is torn,
Between what is and now isn‚€™t.

Every bone within me,
Telling me ending it was
A mistake‚€¶

My only hope is that,
You feel the same.
My only prayer is that,
It wasn‚€™t an illusion.

Let's be a secret,
Run away,
And start again.
Just you and me.

What a dream,
What a fantasy,
What an impossibility.

Time is needed,
Time is taken,
I just hope we have time
For a second chance.

I love you,
Always have,
Always will,
Just you and me.

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