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Fallen Angel Heart - Visitor's Poem

by Vickie L Smith
(Henderson, West Virginia, USA)

While walking down the street of main.
I saw a homeless man.
His eyes were sad he was cold and hungry.
This did make my heart pain.
So I asked him his name.
This was what he said.
I'm one of the fallen hearts
in which you see on the streets everyday.
I have got no home no sunny days.
I am here with many more to come.
I am one of thee fallen hearts,
no one seems to help us much.
I pray I will find my way back home some day.
Yes I am one of thee fallen hearts
my heart hurts with every heart beat.
Now I gave him some money.
I said get yourself something to eat.
I said at least you have a nice warm meal.
Before you go back out on the streets.
He said hon thank you for your very kindness.
Now the wind began to blow.
He walked inside the small cafe.
I walked farther on down the street.
Now here I saw an old shack.
Which looked cold, dark and very black.
I now went and knocked upon the door.
A sweet lady answered and said
Please come in. She said meet my loving children.
Aged five through ten.
She said her husband was not a well man.
For sometimes he got loud and mean.
So I had to tell him.
To pack his things and leave.
She said when she last heard he was living on the streets.
She said hon I love him I didn't want him to leave.
She said we don't have much as you can see.
Except God's love.
This old shack which is very cold dark and black.
These torn clothes upon our backs.
We got very little food to eat.
It's not much.
Yea we got each other's love.
She said hon we are in with the fallen hearts group.
People don't like to help us very much.
Now I looked around this old shack.
There was tears in my eyes.
This did make my heart pain.
Way down deep inside I cried.
I gave her money to help her get back on her feet.
She said hon thank you oh so very much.
Thanks for helping me.
Now as I walked back down the street.
I saw that same homeless man.
Now he was shaved and cleaned up so neat.
He said hon you are an angel you help my heart healed.
Now this is what he said.
You were my angel when I needed you most.
I was so troubled so worried so scared and all alone.
You have helped me get back to my family which I love.
I am so thankful you appeared.
You are a fallen angel with a heart of gold.
Your heart is filled with love so deep.
Thank you so very much angel.
You helped make my life complete.

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