My Guardian Angel - Visitor's Story

by Author Unknown

Our family was going on a road trip, and everyone was excited, except me. Sure, I was looking forward to the trip, but every year I was forced to drive, for whatever reason that convinced my husband that he couldn't drive our family across highways if his life depended on it. During this trip, though, all of our lives were put at risk.

It was very cold out, and the roads were a little slippery. I was able to get past most of them, but when we came to the highway, we were pretty sure that we were going to have to find ourselves a hotel and put our roadtrip on hold.

The highway was covered with thick ice, so thick, in fact, that you could skate on it. I was scared sick. There was no way I was going to try and get across that bridge. My family begged me to go on, even my husband was about to get on his knees like the night he proposed to me. I didn't quite know what I could have been thinking at that very moment, but the looks in my children's faces said that I had to go. I didn't really, but I surely wasn't in my right mind by then.

The second I got on there I realized just how terribly wrong I was to attempt to skid across the highway. The car was spinning, and I felt like I was going to crash any second and my family and I were surely going to lose our lives. My children were screaming, my husband was yelling something at me that was probably advice on how to get the car under control. Suddenly, I couldn't hear anything. I was only aware of the fact that everything seemed to happen in slow motion. Just when I thought for sure that our lives were coming to an end, I felt a hand on my shoulder. I was instantly calm, and I was able to get the car under control and across the highway.

When I was pulled over later, I looked from my children to my husband and said, "Alright, which one of you guys reached out and touched my shoulder?" They all looked at me in complete puzzlement. When none of them responded, I knew that it had to be some kind of work of the Lord. My family had never gone to church and we never talked about the wonders of God, ever. I wondered if such a belief could be true.

At the little book store in the town we were visiting, I purchased a Bible and read through it, finding that, according to scriptures, every single human being has a guardian angel. I guess I found mine that day.

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