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Joan's Song - Visitor's Message

by Mary

She was as warm as a soft summer's day, with a heart trusting, loving and true; and we thought we would have her forever, but God had a plan for her too. As a daughter, a wife and a mother no one could ever compare. To her sisters, her brothers and all of her family, she was the listening ear. We would share all our sorrows with you Joan. The good times now precious memories, and we pray now that you are in heaven, you're as happy as you deserve to be. Oh Jesus, take care of our loved one, dear Jesus take Joan's hand in yours and bless her and keep her till we meet again, in heaven where hearts heal once more. There are no words to say how we love you, how we miss you with all of our hearts. How we cry now at times on our pillows in the long lonely nights so dark. We will never forget you our darling. We will miss you for all of our lives. Till we all are together in Heaven where there's no such word as goodbye.

RIP my darling Twin


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