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The Mouse In The Corner - Visitor's Poem

by Jeanne Fiedler
(Washington Twp., NJ, USA)

Five scurrying little mice
ran into the school room
One's name was Jimmy
"Hi Jimmy" He said nothing

I picked him up and cupped
him between my hands
"Hi Jimmy" No response

I talked to him though
Asked him commands
questions, "What is this?"
I held him up to my cheek
and hugged him

The four other mice
were rambling around
all over the room
Punchin', laughin',

Screaming, fighting
spitting, biting

How could we sooth them
All the mouse teachers
tended one on one
Til the chaos stopped

"Jimmy, Jimmy,
What do you want to do?
What can I say
to make you respond?"

He played with his toys
and jumped up and down
in the corner of the room
teeth moving, doing nothing

He was energetic
Maybe there was a place
I could teach him
Cute little thing

I petted him
I rubbed him against my heart
Sometimes he'd run away
I'd have to chase him

He understands things
I feel this strongly
I can't wait til he
says his first words

His mama mouse said
"He never seems to hear me"
I was sorry
I felt so sad

But there will be a day
When Jimmy talks
He will squeak and squeak
I know this inside

We've got to catch it now
Maybe ask him questions
where he can say yes or no
Or show him things and ask, "What?"

He will talk back and read and write
A hard beginning it was
But there is definitely
a bright hope in sight

I know there is...

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