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What Am I To You - Visitor's Poem

by Gale Johnson
(Northville, Michigan, USA)

Am I of flesh, blood, beauty and love that linger in the darkness,
or something for your amusement, just to call your boo,
can you see my inner charms, humor or sensuality, I
need to know, what am I to you.

Could you look upon my face and see the pain, frustration and fear,
that I hold within my lonely soul, as night sets upon me
spewing over with fright and anxiety,
never to feel whole.

I am of the earth, wind and water, a creation of bottled up emotion,
I am the dusty road you travel on, the wind that surrounds
you, filling your life with motion.

Let your mind open to the wonders of my never ending state of mind,
tap into my cosmic universe of stars and far away
places, come to know my ruling planets, where
you'll uncover familiar faces.

Gaze into my eyes, the windows to my soul, discover my secrets, my
thoughts and all my hidden passion, take your time to
explore my worldly values, open up your heart
and bid thee some compassion.

I am not lost, for seek and ye shall find me, the treasure you're in
search of, you shall not need gifts of gold to place upon
my feet, kindness, generosity is the golden
pathway to consume my Merry Meet.

I am the dreams that come to you in your weary sleepless nights,
Open up your thoughts and let me come inside, you
beckon me to your fantasy, but yet
my access is denied.

Why ask for more than you can take inside yourself, I am more
then just your occasional taboo, I am Light, I am
Love, I am Life, the question is,
What Am I To You?

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