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A Walk With Hope - Visitor's Poem

by Susan Davey
(Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

I went for a walk
with Hope today....
and soon I found
I had started to pray.
"Are you there?"
I humbly asked
and Hope replied:
"Remember the crosses
The sorrows and griefs....
did I not bring you
through every one?"

I thought for a moment
and felt rather foolish
"But why do I lose you
so easy these days?"
With fervent mind I did ask.

Hope didn't reply right away
In took almost a day.

Then like a trumpet
sounding in the sky....
Hope replied:
"When you get discouraged
and facing despair
if you're tired or weary
and in need of prayer
remember the rainbow
a sign from above....
sent here from heaven
with nothing but LOVE."


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