The September of My Years - Visitor's Poem

by Richard John Scarr
(Brighton, East Sussex, England)

And so. Having reached my September.
I can only watch the passing of time.
And hope the world is a little better for my being.
While maturing like a fine old vintage wine.

So as my summer moves relentless towards my autumn.
And I watch the season change from green to gold.
As the age lines in my face etch even deeper.
I accept with grace the fact that I've grown old.

Yet as I survey the world from my September.
And I reminisce on all the years I've had.
I have so very much to remember.
For I've had my share of all that's good, and bad.

And while at times good fortune smiled upon me.
There were also times I thought my heart would break.
And so if we are here to learn a lesson.
I feel I've learned as much as I can take.

So when at last my autumn turns to winter.
To vanish like spring and summer of my days.
As December takes the place of my September.
Like the seasons of my life, I'll fade away.