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Gone Are The Days... - Visitor's Poem

by Tasneem Qaiser Alvi
(Lahore, Pakistan)

Gone are the days when my temper used to fly high,
I feel I have matured, may be it's time for me to die.

Life is very short, as short as a small water bubble,
I did not realize this in time so, now I am in trouble.

I wish I had chosen the right way, the way of the pious,
I could have done something valuable without any bias.

We think we shall live here forever and never go away,
Had it been in our hands we would have decided to stay.

In our youth we feel very strong and hate to give in,
It is only when old that we start abstaining from sin.

Few pick the right path when they have the power to act,
Too much Power misleads us very often, it's a hard fact.

All of us wish to go to heaven but do not follow rules,
Knowing everything, we close our eyes and act as fools.

I have known before dying that I ought to live honestly,
I wish God enables me to lead my remaining life piously.

Being powerless, I require God's help all the time,
May God brighten my dark mind and make my life sublime!


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