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Finding Love

by Alonna Miller
(El Dorado Springs, Mo)

With voices and chaos all around
I still feel alone
My heart is empty--I m cold
There is no love for me to hold

My memories of us from the past
And the reality of life without you clash
I remember what we were and what we had
And for that I'm glad

You're gone now and I need my heart to heal
I need to live my life--Love I need to feel
I need that feeling--that spark
To ignite this old, lonely heart

Love--is it around; hidden in chaotic sound
Or is it still out there waiting to be found
You're gone, it's over--- I need to move on
I still search for what I want, maybe it's been beside me all along

For now I stand alone--no love at my side
On this highway of life--I'm ready for the ride
Finding new friends on every street
Hoping someday; a new love--I'll meet

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