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Depression Everywhere - Visitor's Poem

by Tasneem Qaiser Alvi
(Lahore, Pakistan)

Depression is here, Depression is there, it is everywhere,
Tyres burning, people protesting with no one ready to hear,

The feeling of helplessness is gaining weight, no one cares,
Life has become so fast, we have no time to stop for prayer.

We are busy in our own work with feelings of love in the rear,
Material gains are the most important with no moral values here,

We are running as if dogs are chasing and we have no Stop near,
Perhaps our short life span, is forcing us to apply the fastest gear.

We are acting aimlessly as people who are deaf, dumb and blind,
No chances of our survival until we start using our precious mind,

The only way is by caring for all and being good, helpful and kind.
To make this world a heaven, we must leave all evil deeds behind.

Miracles happen but only for those who are virtuous and peaceful,
Who thank God in all cases whether good or bad & remain gleeful,

God grants all their prayers and helps them in being very cheerful,
Working hard and leaving all to dear God makes them graceful.

Let's all strive to do something great by taking steps full of virtue,
Let's decide to quit sins and adopt a route that is nothing but true,

Selection of the right steps, full of dedication will give us every clue,
We just have to be determined and the rest, God alone will pursue.

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