What Life Means to Me - Visitor's Story

by Mitgelene Ardina
(Paradise St., Surigao City, Philippines)

There are times in my life that I feel so alone, helpless, thinking why it’s happening to me? Why I have encountered many problems? Why I have to make wise decisions? Why is that, that this is the kind of life given to me? Why? Why? And why?

There are so many whys coming into my mind. It is a quite big question. Sometimes I want to cry. I don’t know what should I do? Almost all positive things happened at my younger age turned into negative and become worse as the time goes on.

At my elementary years, I still remember and I can’t forget it that almost everything I wanted was all there and my wishes were almost granted at the time.

At my Secondary level, it was the level where many things happened in my life unexpectedly and it started for me to feel being left alone. Problems started and let me falling down. I tried to convince myself that it was just a change from my elementary life. It’s a part of gaining maturity. New place, new environment and adjustment and it was my first time to encounter like these.

Staying at a place with no more friends, being independent and I needed to budget my time and money. It is college life, as what they said the most critical stage in studying. I met new classmates and had a close friend as time moved on. A classmate who became a close friend of mine invited me to go with her to the church.

In the church, I found myself having peace of mind. And I also found Him who willingly give all the best to me. He did not give us exactly the word yes at the time we wished but he always gave us what was the best.

From an inspirational message I surfed on the internet, I now completely understood these lines are exactly the best words for me to understand the reality of life, what life means...

“We encounter enough wealth, enough poverty, enough blessings, enough problems, it’s all because god loves us, enough wealth to meet our needs, enough poverty to inspired us to work hard, enough blessings to remind us that god care and love us very much, enough problems to don’t forget him, enough happiness keep us happy and that’s enough for me to hold on, to be strong for there is always a reason why gods allow things happened."

I now understand what life has brought to me.