Hoping for the Best! - Visitor's Poem

by Tasneem Qaiser Alvi
(Lahore, Pakistan)

Things are now getting difficult day by day,
I wish I do not lose my hope and go astray!

I try to conceal my tense feelings as I know,
It is only God before Whom I ought to bow.

All are mere spectators, and full of pretence,
I just ignore them for the sake of self defence.

My dear ones like to relieve me of my worries,
Their loving attitude helps me to face all crises.

Time is passing but I know justice will prevail,
Truth will be victorious and will unveil my tale.

I have no feeling of guilt so why to be scared,
It is only God with whom I have always shared.

Expressing my feelings gives me a lot of relief,
Sharing all problems with God ends my grief.

After penning everything down I feel relieved,
It appears as if I never ever had been grieved.

May God help me in shedding away tensions!
May I never have to repent over my actions!

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