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My Silent Dream... (Story of a Soldier) - Visitor's Poem

by Kasey Noll
(Rosemount, MN, USA)

Unable to lose track of minutes
every second lingers in my face,
almost too teasingly.

When I chose this job I knew it€™d be hard,
but emotionally, this is brutal.

With each calendar page I turn,
memories not made slip through my hands

And the few captured by photographs
show no sign of change in this desert wasteland.

But I know this is for the best,
I€™m bringing to life many dreams
one of freedom
safety, and peace.

Back at home I€™d just sit and look at the stars
dim, lacking in meaning and
just always there.

But when I see those same constellations here, they€™re different.
more bright, maybe larger, or something
and I believe it's all for a reason.

My life has reason.

To do what I do, or we do.
We no longer have just a gun,
those tiny specs in the night sky offer
hope, guidance, and reassurance.

Because no matter what we do,
die or not.

Those comforting little stars will always be there
for our families waiting€

for just one more letter.
one more piece of proof that we€™re ok

To be sent back over that ocean,
across those crisp green lawns
and tucked in that little white mailbox.

Until then dear family,
just believe in us.

We€™ll get the job done right.

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