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Thoughts in the Wind

by Gnomai
(Paranaque City)

It is time for the record to spin,
let the lyrics fly dancing notes upon the wind
we never know what is right for the answers
usually come with the wisdom of time,
stick with your vision be it love or flight,
let the light shine deep and bright or look for destiny
from the glow of a candle that disturbs the unknown visions transformed with wick of candles glow.
Let the inner voices service and
sing the truth has a tendency to ring,
awake the spirit of passion inside should he
be the one or should wind lift that kite high in the sky?
When at the right time the line will be released
as you sit and watch the control has left to ride
dancing across the sky where it will rest
Time sits still idle waiting for
the answer brings us ever closer to disaster,
when the image is clear refuse to despair,
no one else can identify how much you really care.

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