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I Will Visit My Friend - Visitor's Poem

by Patti Richards
(St Julians, Malta, Europe)

Tears of guilt and loss

Tears of guilt and loss

Life is too busy, life is too fast
Life isn€™t what it was in the past
I want to visit or call and say hi
I never actually do it, but I really do try

The weeks flash on by, they turn into years
The demands of living, the unreasonable fears
I still think of you and I will visit you soon
Our friendship revived, our friendship resumed

The workload increases, my energy€™s sapped
My home life in turmoil, I€™m hopelessly trapped
I think of you often, at least I will write
I€™ll explain my absence; I€™ll tell you my plight

This morning I read with utter desolation
There in the obituary is the affirmation
My good friend is dead; all I can do is weep
I promised to visit my guilt is so deep

I held your love in the palm of my hand
And let it vanish like prints in the sand
It€™s too late to call to tell you my friend
How I miss you already
And shall €˜till my end.

© Patti Richards 2004

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