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Mystic Women

by Alonna Miller

What are women?
We are seen as beautiful, seductive, loving and caring.
We are everything we are seen as and much more.
As women we are the heart and soul of the human race.
Women have developed the courage and strength
to overcome everything thrown our way.
Throughout history women have fought
to secure their place in the world.
Women have courage and strength
while still showing compassion and love.
Women are the masters of balance
needed in the lives we touch.
We have the tenacity to overcome
the toughest of times despite our tears.
Professional women, teachers, nurses,
lovers to our partners, disciplinarians and mothers
There is no role in life we cannot command.
We are strong, determined, passionate
and gentle all at same time.
We survive the losses of life, heartache, everyday
stress and frustration, to experience the joys of life.
Our partners and children can bring us
our greatest rewards; love and happiness.


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