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WOMAN: A Broken Valentine

by Rene Ezpeleta Bartolo
(Davao City, Philippines)

When one has loved, and loved so much,
€œGoodbye€ is a silly song;
But sillier still is your stranger€™s touch
When I have loved so long.

When love is like a wounded bird
Afraid that it can fly,
Then love is just a spoken word
Indifferent, like a lie.

Love is not a habit, Woman,
Nor some solitaire for two;
When you make me feel less human
I know I have lost you.

No more the deep and dusky look,
The whirlpool in your eyes;
A glassy stare was all it took
To turn my blood to ice.

No more the nibbling at the ear,
No more the whispered sighs;
The childish games, the vibrant tear -
They€™re empty when love dies.

No more the tender fluttering touch,
The passion in the rain;
Calling back what€™s lost is such
A terrible, terrible pain.

Yes, love was strong to set things right
Over apathy and blame;
And then, you called out deep one night
Somebody else€™s name.

Colder than contempt you€™ve left unsaid,
Or your look that doesn€™t see,
Cold are the ashes of love that€™s dead:
Woman, you have lost me.

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