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Mom, Who is God? - Visitor's Poem

by Pranitha Devi Wickins
(Pietermaritzburg; kwazulu Natal, South Africa)

My friends cannot help me
Some say he "don't" exist
Some say that his son Jesus
Is nothing but a myth

Cory says that his gang
thinks the bible is a lie
that earth was created by a big bang
from rocks floating in the sky.


Many have a story
Of what they think is true
the big bang theory of Cory's
is one of quite a few

Who made the rocks they speak of?
or the gravity on earth
or the rule that there will be
No gravity, or birth
in space or other planets
where rocks float and fire consumes
scientists cannot fathom it
God's laws are discovered and assumed

Look how each and every human
that you see on God's green earth
is so different to the millions
- God's creativity in birth

Think of all God's precious creatures
in the sea and on the land
look at how they feed each other
- Ecology by God's hand.

We're created in God's image
but we're limited in our thought
'cos our mind would never manage
if God showed us all we sought


some deny his very existence
they deny the love he showed
when he sent his Son Jesus
to reap what we had sowed

...when he showed us
Love is not a feeling
it's an action, it's a verb
it's a selfless act of humility
to the loved ones that we serve


God's the Alpha and Omega
- with neither beginning nor end-
He's your disciplinarian and provider
and also your only consistent friend.

Copyright © 2010 Pranitha Devi Wickins, (A.k.a Nisha Wickins).
All rights reserved.

Comments for
Mom, Who is God? - Visitor's Poem

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Jan 29, 2011
by: Anonymous

Doubts die! Faith persists! You have done a great job!

Dec 30, 2010
He lives
by: Chris Mokgehle.

I believe deep in my heart that without Him I wouldn't be the person I am.

Dec 02, 2010
What's in a name
by: Anonymous

Some choose to call this inexplicable creator "science" and some "god" - I wonder what your real name is...but I know you are there - I've spoken with you silently all my life ...and "God" is the most fitting choice for me! R.

Nov 29, 2010
by: Ashley Bhika


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